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About TransCanada Basketball


For over 20 years, TransCanada Basketball has helped young Chilliwack basketball players reach their maximum potential both athletically and personally, transforming skills learned on the court into leadership skills off the court.


TransCanada for me is the main reason why I was able to be successful in basketball, and in life in general. Every year, travelling to Vegas in the summer and playing against some of the best competition possible helped me greatly to learn to play with pressure, to overcome challenges and fight through adversity. The team trips were some of my greatest memories, spending time with my teammates, that I now consider bothers, forming personal relationships much bigger than basketball. If you’re serious about basketball and want to play beyond high school, TransCanada is a necessity. 

-Gabe Mannes, Calgary Dinos, TC Alumni and Coach


TC offers opportunities for all ages and all skill levels. Through multiple programs TC is able to offer a positive experience to every young athlete in the community interested in playing basketball. TC offers introductory experieces to the game through training camp programs and elite opportunities which include playing the very best club competition in British Columbia, Nevada and Washington State. TransCanada graduates continually move on to play at the College and CIS levels.


TransCanada Basketball’s coaches, training, and experiences are what pushed me to become the player that I am today. It is the best option for players of all ages looking to get better in the spring. I learned everything I know about basketball from these coaches and I would not be able to be where I am without them. I would recommend TC basketball to anyone who wants to grow to become a better basketball player.

            Jon Steele-TRU Wolfpack Basketball-TC Alumni


Early in the development of the TC program a mandate was set to surround our athletes with the very best local coaches. Today we believe TC has combination of veteran experienced coaches and young qualified coaches all of who have played at the elite level.


TransCanada Basketball helped me reach the next level by providing an opportunity to play basketball against top level players. The multitude of tournaments that I attended with TransCanada introduced me to great players and furthered my drive to go to the next level. The coaching gave me a second approach to what I needed to do to achieve elite status. The different American tournaments are a great show of talent and helped me realize what level I needed to get to.

-Kyle Helsloot, TC Alumni


TC Basketball provides the opportunity for young athletes to pursue their dreams, encourages and develops leadership traits, character skills, dedication and perseverance. We provide top quality individual and team coaching and inspire a passion and respect for the game of basketball by teaching, training and focusing on the fundamentals of the game.


If your goal is to be good at your craft, you have to put extra time in. This is especially true for basketball. Playing during the spring and summer is vital to your success as a player and TransCanada was how I spent my spring and summer. Without TC, I wouldn’t be half the player I am today.

-Ryan Trottier, TC Alumni


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