2024 Co-Ed Volleyball Skills Camps

2024 Co-Ed Volleyball Skills Camps

Sessions for Boys & Girls 


Winter sessions begin January 8th and run for 10 weeks.

Option for 1X or 2X a week.

The emphasis during these training sessions are individual skill and team concepts. TC Volleyball Camps are open to all levels of young volleyball players.

What is Skills Academy all about?

This program is aimed at providing opportunities for youth in grades 6-8 (ages 11-14) to learn the game of volleyball and compete in a fun environment

Skills Camp is for beginner to intermediate athletes, where they will develop and grow in a fun and challenging learning environment. The focus of the training will be to teach the fundamentals of volleyball: passing, setting, serving, attacking and defense, and athletic development.

Goal to introduce athletes to the game of volleyball, and to grow their passion for the game and to provide the athletes the tools and pathway they require to play school and club volleyball.

Athletes of all levels are welcome. There are NO try-outs for TC Camps. Includes  two practices per week with an emphasis on individual skills and team concepts.

For all volleyball information, please contact Dane Larson at 604-819-6406

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Co-Ed Sessions


January 8th to March 14th  


Stitó:s Lá:lém Totí:lt Elementary / Middle School 

Tuesdays & Thursdays 



2 X a week

$400 & gst

1X a week
$225 & gst