TC Basketball FAQs

TC Basketball FAQs

What is new this year?

This year we have decided to start our club teams earlier to take advantage of the many local tournaments but we have added our Skills Academy so more athletes can continue to work on their game without the added pressure on their weekend schedules.

NEW Skills Academy!

We understand that young athletes have a lot of choices for sports. And we believe that playing various sports can lead to a better-rounded athlete. We want to give all players an opportunity to work on their basketball game even if they aren’t able to commit fully to a tournament team.

Basketball is a highly skilled sport that requires time and a lot of repetition on each fundamental skill; ball handling, shooting, footwork etc.

TC Club Teams FAQs

How is club basketball different that school basketball?

– The focus for club basketball is to work on players individual skills and have the opportunities to play with players from other schools and for other coaches. TC Basketball is inclusive to all player levels, all schools.

– We believe the goal of club basketball is to continue to build on the love of the game of basketball and have fun while learning to compete and work hard.

– We want our players improve their overall basketball skills and help them become the best basketball player that they can be. Our biggest goal is to dramatically improve each player’s skill levels and confidence during club season so that they can then apply those skills to their school teams.

Why should I choose TC instead of another club?

Based on extensive knowledge of the Fraser Valley Basketball community, the coaches and directors of TC Basketball feel the club has an educated opinion of the basketball landscape. TC chooses not to inform people as to why families shouldn’t join another club. Rather, the club focuses on why TC is a good option for many. Some of the key questions every family should ask when joining a basketball club are:

– What are the up front and possible additional costs?

– What do we get in return?

– Who is coaching my son/daughter and what are their credentials?

– What is their coaching philosophy?

– For practices, what is the coach to athlete ratio?

– What is the goal for the team?

– How many players do you keep on each team?

– Is the skill level on the team comparable to my son or daughters abilities?

– Where do my son/daughters fees get allocated?

– If my son/daughter is offered a spot, what are your playing time guidelines?

-What are the time commitments for the season?

TC is able to answer these questions as should all basketball clubs. Once families have done their homework, they can make an educated decision on what is the best fit. TC leadership is happy to make recommendations if for some reason TC is not the right fit.

What is the focus of the club teams vs Skills Academy?

– The focus on the travel teams is to provide basketball players with a positive environment for players to put their skills to work and gain game time experience.

– The focus is still on the development of players and build on individual skills with basketball decision making and team concepts

Who can play on travel teams- what age groups?

– For 2020 we will have boys and girls teams from U9 to U16/17

How are travel teams chosen?

– Teams are chosen from our ID Camps in March- see Tryouts Girls & Boys

– Teams will range in ability from Select to Elite level with the goal to find a place for all players at the right level

Where do club teams play?

– Travel teams play for the most part in tournaments around the lower mainland. Older or more elite teams may travel to into the states for tournaments or team camps or to the island or Okanagan. Tournament participation will be based on family/player for each individual team.

How many tournaments do teams play in?

– The number of tournaments will be based on family/player for each individual team, anywhere from 3 (youngest teams) to 6 or 7 tournaments (U16/17 teams)

What if I can’t commit to all of the tournaments?

– Our hope is that players can attend all tournaments but understand if there are conflicts with other sports and activities. We would like to offer the travel team experience to as many players to play as possible so we encourage players to talk with TC directors/coaches about any schedule conflicts so we can come up with a flexible plan.

When do travel teams start and finish?

– Club team tryouts are first week of March and the teams start after spring break

– Finish date depends on the age group/level of the team- younger teams usually finish at the end of June (first weekend of July) while older teams continue into middle of July

How much do club teams cost?

– Fundraising opportunities are available for all travel team players- we offer 2-3 fundraising events for the season

– Each team cost will be different based on the length of training, and the number and location of tournaments.

– For example the following

o the U11 boys team last year participated in 3 tournaments and ran for 6 weeks and was $350.00

o the U13 boys team last year participated in 5 tournaments and ran for 8 weeks and was $575.00

o the U17 team participated in for 7 tournaments (BC & Washington), Gonzaga University week long team camp and one full week in Las Vegas for the Big foot Live tournament was $1800.00.

Do travel team players receive uniform?

– Uniforms are an additional cost

– This year if you still have your TC Royal Blue uniform, you can opt out of purchasing a new one and save your money and or purchase other TC clothing on our new online store.

Skills Academy FAQs

What is the focus at Skills Academy?

– Focus is on a mix of individual drills and contests in a fun-filled learning atmosphere. Areas of focus will include: shooting mechanics, footwork, basic ball handling skills, one on one moves

Do I have to come twice a week?

– You can attend the training camps once or twice a week depending on what fits best for your schedule

What if I miss a session?

– If you are attending once a week, you can make up the missed session on the other training day.

Do I have to have played before in order to attend the skills sessions or skills academy? What if I’ve never played basketball before?

– No experience necessary. Because the skills sessions and skills academy are based on individual skills, each player can focus and work at their own level.